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so, gossip girl is such an amazing show that I enjoy watching at any point in time the characters are so complex and relatable. this article is inspired by another writer's characters aesthetics for riverdale which i enjoyed quite a lot.

jenny humphrey

city, lights, and night image Temporarily removed girl and hair image Temporarily removed

vanessa abrams

Inspiring Image on We Heart It hair, curly, and hairstyle image camera and aesthetic image white, bed, and room image

georgina sparks

shoes, fashion, and heels image drink, blue, and aesthetic image girl and make up image Temporarily removed

dan humphrey

shirt, fashion, and hipster image vintage, write, and writing image Brooklyn and city image books image

nate archibald

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chuck bass

Temporarily removed Dita von Teese, burlesque, and sexy image Image by Maria empire, gossip girl, and hotel image

serena vanderwoodsen

hair, girl, and blonde image beautiful, dreams, and ivy league image dress, fashion, and style image drink, aesthetic, and alcohol image

blair waldorf

Temporarily removed dress, red, and fashion image Temporarily removed Image removed

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