I write this with no other intention than to express the pain I feel when I know you have left. I want to tell you so many things that maybe I never told you and some others that I did not say enough. I want to express here what you mean to me and the great gratitude I feel for having come to know you. During this short time, you were always with me; you supported me when I needed it most and you made me see reason when my actions were not appropriate. You advised me when I needed it and you hugged me when I needed it. You were cold with me most of the time, but I never felt a lack of appreciation on your part, because somehow you found a way to show your love without needing to have you by my side. You were always yourself and never allowed others' comments to affect or influence you.

They say that you do not know what you have until you lose it, but my case is not this, I always valued you as a person and the unconditional friend you always proved to be. My mistake, on the other hand, was to tell you very rarely how much I loved you and almost none, how much you mean to me. Honestly, there were many things in you that I admired; There was your determination to do something and how you struggled to get it or exhaust the possibilities completely. The love to your family and everything you did and gave to take it forward. The fact of always showing a smile and the best attitude, even when inside you were exhausted or destroyed. Saying goodbye to you was not easy and I hate the idea of not seeing you anymore, but I know you're better now and you would not like to see me cry. There are so many things that I want to tell you... you make me so much need, baby... wherever you are, I hope you know; I love you and I will remember you forever, as the best person I could ever have.

Thank you for everything you've done, Kim Jonghyun.