Friendships come and go throughout your life. Sometimes you have a friend for a long time, or sometimes you break of and go your separate ways for better for for worse.
From my personal experience, I know how hard it is to break up a long term friendship and try to come back from something as traumatic as that. Even if it was a decision for the better. Today I am going to explain the friendships I have had and currently have.

The toxic one

Hopefully not everyone has to have one of these friends, but sometimes it just happens. I unfortunately had a very long term best friend turn extremely toxic in the past recent years and had to break ties. While it was very uncomfortable, nowadays I couldn't even imagine my life with this person in it. I have grown so much since that choice and have become a completely different person without them.

Pick up where we left off

These kinds of people are really great for long distance and if your schedules really don't fit each other. I have friends like this that I've known for most my life. We don't have to talk a lot all the time, but when we get the time to chat about our recent life events, it's still really pleasant and we still have the mutual respect for each other. We both have a different set of friends, but the friend groups mesh together well which is nice for both of us.

Shared best friends - The Old and New Friend

I have an old friend that I I have known for a long time do a lot with, but my old friend is super close with the new friend and has known them for around the same amount of time. This new friend I met through my original friend, and I have grown a strong relationship with. Though the new and old friend are best friends, the trio that has bonded works out very well. We end up doing a lot together, and even though all three of us have very different friend groups, we all manage to hang out with just us three most of the time. It is a little weird because most people think a group of three doesn't work, but for us it does.


Now another one of my closest and best friends is of course, the one I tell practically everything too. Whether it be about a new crush, my latest political opinion, or what I thought about a youtuber's most recent upload, they're the first to know. Though they might not have a response for everything, They're still in the know, and are usually one to knock some sense to me if I'm acting crazy.

In retrospect, I consider a lot of people a friend or acquaintance. There are many types of friendships, but these are the most apparent in my life. Thank you for reading this article and share if you have any similar friendships to the one's that I described!