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"The only person you are meant to be is the person you decided to be"

Many days ago, I read this statement.

And let me tell you a story:
When I was a child, I was really attracted to music, the arts, dancing and, above all, writing.

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Over time I started to feel afraid to show my passion with these things because in my town and school, this was underestimated, people thought that this was only for unsuccessful people, or lazy people. And they said it very often ...

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People with success was the one who studied medicine, accounting or engineering.
And I studied to be an accountant
I do not think I decided on the wrong path
Everything I did made me what I am now ...

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Everything I know now could help other people. I realized that recently.

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And I decided to work as an accountant, but I write every day on social networks, I write to inspire other people, to help and to be the person I am destined to be.

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You can be whoever you want, it's never too late ...don´t let other people decide your future.