Hello, my fellow WeHeartists!

So I've been on WeHeartIt not as frequently as I've liked to because of work overload. I do apologize for not hearting and posting articles as much but I know that will change soon!

However, I happily noticed that I recently made over 30,000 followers on WeHeartIt! THANK YOU AND HUGS TO ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS OUT THERE!

I can't believe the love I get from this community and it's incredible. I genuinely appreciate it and believe me, I'm not this popular in real life, lol. I didn't do this site expecting to get any followers whatsoever as I looked at it as a fun way to like inspiring and cool pictures.

Thank you again to all of my followers, you are so beautiful! I'm so happy to keep inspiring you and making you happy as that makes me happy, too. :)

Thanks again, my lovelies, for reading and I'll see you next week for more articles! Hugs!

-Hannie Bee