If you asked the 15-year-old me that I would have gone through so much to become the woman I am I would not believe you. Think about it ladies, what did you imagine yourself doing; what did you imagine yourself becoming? For me, I always had two consistent passions in life: 1. My love for people, and 2: my love for writing. And for the longest time, I was very hesitance to go after it and pursue a career in writing.

It was always extremely important to me that I became taken seriously as a writer and because I was a woman with a disability, I wasn't ever really certain that would be a possibility. Having a disability like cerebral palsy what drives people to automatically assume, and questing your ability overall. But what people in particular society does not know that when you're born into adversity, you do NOT know how NOT TO FiGHT. But what you learn as a young woman with a disability, at the age of eighteen, that don't only is the real world big, and overwhelming, but it is extremely ill-equipped to handle and help a young girl navigate the real world. This led me to struggle for several years after I graduated high school back in 2001.

In between the struggles and pitfalls of trying to figure out what I was going to do, and where it was I was going to end up. I did make attempts at seriously establishing myself as a writer. But I became easily overwhelmed and never followed through, I now know that back then at that time I was not ready to transition into "serious mode" about my career. And two: The time was not right. If you asked me that all it would take for me to seriously begin my writing career was to start a blog. I'd tell you, "Nah, no way."

But in July of 2016, that is exactly how it started. My blog, The Abler debut on July 30, 2016. I began the abler, in honor of my sister who was diagnosed with a very serious neurological disorder called, cluster headaches. And now a simple blog has grom from a blog, to having its own social media presence that includes it's own podcast via, The anchor fm. I have covered 15 topics, and 12 completed interviews. I am also a contributing writer for 12 other writing platforms.

The lesson I learned about this journey of what it's like to be a writer and how you end up where you're supposed to be is that unexpected roads do lead to beautiful destinations. Destinations that are meant for you and you alone. So to all of my fellow Carrie Bradshaws, keep writing, And you find your happily ever after beginning.