Hello, my fellow WeHeartists!

SOOOO sorry for my lack of posting, things have been so crazy in my life right now! I'm getting through and will eventually be more consistent with my posts. In the meantime, here's my positive thought of the week:

You are Capable of Things That You Will Never Know Until You Give Something New a Try!

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Too often, we downplay ourselves and compare ourselves to the successes of others. Even if we do the best we possibly can, there's something in the back of our minds that says, "We could have done better."

PLEASE realize that no one ever truly knows what they're doing or has their life completely together. That girl who looks like she's got everything going on for her? She could be hiding something in her life that's troublesome or be very insecure secretly. That boy who gets all the girls and everybody likes him? He could be facing pressures and obstacles that no one would ever imagine.

My point is this: Don't downplay your strengths and don't place others on high pedestals!

Sure, there is going to be someone who is prettier, who's smarter, richer, more popular, more talented, etc. BUT....darling, they aren't and will never be you!

You bring something and have amazing capabilities that no one else has and it's so important that you realize this. You have a unique place in this world and have great qualities within you.

Thank you for reading, my lovelies! Hope you enjoyed my Positive Thought of the Week and I'll post another next week. Thanks to #TheSmileProject for the support to write more articles and bring positivity to the WeHeartIt community. Message me for article suggestions and have a great day! :)