If I was a goddess, I would probably be the goddess of υπερηφάνεια (pride) or νίκη (victory) Like Niké. I want to be fearless and confident. I want to be able to do all the things that I want, without being judge.


beauty, eyes, and eyeshadow image golden, make-up, and lentiggini image makeup, gold, and eye image makeup, beauty, and eyes image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ lips, aesthetic, and stars image lips, aesthetic, and indie image Temporarily removed
Very glowy makeup, something gold, but natural!


Image removed girl, short hair, and beauty image hair, girl, and grunge image short hair, girl, and beauty image hair, short hair, and hairstyle image beautiful image
Short, brown, and straight, something simple but wild... like me!


dress, fashion, and style image dress, fashion, and style image dress, elegant, and fashion image fashion, dress, and luxury image beautiful, body, and fashion image fashion style, perfect inspiration, and goals girly image
Silk, Diamonds, see-through and GOLD


gold image alternative, fountain, and gold image Image by Ilhem Bouzidi Temporarily removed car, gold, and luxury image black, cars, and expensive image


sunglasses, style, and accessories image freckles, lips, and piercing image bag, chanel, and fashion image Temporarily removed knife, aesthetic, and fantasy image beautiful, beauty, and bra image


snake, white, and aesthetic image aesthetic, animal, and beauty image Temporarily removed snake, white, and aesthetic image
No one has the right to treat you like if you were not equal, you are free to live, breath and act like you want, with no fear to be judge.