When I first met you it was all different. You were different.

You promised me control and comfort, and for a time that is just what you gave me. But the more time we spent together the more I realised who you truly were.

You did not love me.

You did not want me to feel better.

All you wanted was to hurt me and make me even more miserable.

You were a monster hiding behind empty promises of happiness, and I bought into your lies. I trusted you because I was week.

You were the only thing in my life that could make the pain go away, so I just ignored the abuse.

But guess what.

I am no longer week nor alone even though you'd have me believe otherwise.

I am finally strong enough to see through filthy lies you whisper into my ear every night. And right here and right now I declare that you no longer have any power over me.

Did you think that I'll never find out that there are people who care, and who are willing to help?

Did you think that I will forever believe when you tell me that I'm worthless?


And you can try all you want because I am no longer giving into your lies.