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I think I may be a gold digger,

I would like to start this off with saying, if I end of dating someone in the future and you find this I promise you this was just a phase and I love you dearly. I just have a confession.
Have any of you heard the song my Mariah lynn? One upon a time yeah that definitely a bop you need to play while reading this or gold digger
So for the last 3 almost 4 years I’ve been on this binge, not a healthy one but an enjoyable one for me. I guess we can say that I did have a relationship that scarred me for life. Even after I recovered from that one I was ghosted. So yes I have commitment issues, but don’t we all ? okay maybe not but saying that makes me feel better. I’ve been identifying as a part of the LGBT community as a lesbian but in reality I date based off of personality even though my dating list is 99.5% women. I’m not attracted to men, mostly I’m contradicting myself but eh. I’ve been telling myself I wouldn’t see myself with a man until I want a kid, or he has money. So what do I do finally give the cookies to a man, he’s not bad looking or anything. I just do not know if this attraction is based on the fact he has money. Like I have this thing apparently where I want to look out for my kids future, so if the man has money I feel why not hop on that. I have a mindset if you’re not in a relationship with that person and you’re just buddies, make sure he has a decent job or something to be able to support a child if things happen. Im that friend that makes sure my friends boos have a source of income etc. Yes I turn into the FBI , I need to get a degree in criminal justice so I can become a profiler and private investigator. I feel bad because there are man people hitting my phone trying to develop a monogamous relationship while in sitting here playing the field.