Author: Irina Korneeva

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The upcoming fashion season spring-summer 2018 will be a season of optimism and vitality; it will be full of pure, vivid, juicy colors and shades. Color continues to be a key factor in the fashion trends for spring-summer 2018. Untypical spring shades that create complex and original combinations allow you to experiment with color all year round without any restrictions - gender, age or seasonal. The color story of the upcoming fashion season is an ideal reflection of this new spirits. We can see how the celebrities and influential people wearing more colorful outfits, inspiring us with their vivid looks.

So, which colors will be trendy this season according to Pantone Color Institute? How to wear them in real life and how to combine them? Which colors are perfect for you, and which shades should be avoided?
We have 12 shades in a fashion color palette in spring-summer 2018, plus 4 neutral shades, which can link a variety of combinations and form the basis of wardrobe essentials.

Top Color palette spring-summer 2018

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Ultra Violet - the main color of 2018
The main color of 2018 by the version of Pantone Color Institute. A magical and intriguing purple shade. Suitable for both - blondes and brunettes. The secret of the attractive look is in radiant, glowing skin. Apply a bit of highlighter on cheekbones and a lip gloss on the lips to highlight the face. Choose accessories from the same color family - for example, Almost Mauve or Pink Lavender. Or play on contrast - take Lime Punch, Arcadia, and Blooming Dahlia.

If you want to create a harmonious look totally from vivid colors, without using neutral shades, the most important thing is to define right the amount of additional (second, third, fourth) vivid color. Two vivid colors should never be equivalent in one outfit - the first, main color should take a most space, and the second - quite a bit. Then you will not look like a clown.
Pink lavender
A gentle, charming, romantic and fresh lavender shade will suit for girls of any color type. For delicate monochrome combinations, take shades of the same family - Spring Crocus, Almost Mauve. For fresh and bold combinations, take contrasting colors - Lime Punch or Arcadia.
Spring crocus
Vivid and expressive, Spring Crocus - a hue from the violet family - it spreads the blooms and spring.
Almost Mauve
An ethereal, barely noticeable shade from the family of purples to create delicate combinations; especially gently will work in light fabrics with a satin surface. Suitable for all without exception.
Blooming dahlia
Another gentle pastel and incredibly attractive shade that will suit for women of absolutely any color type. It is harmonically combine with all shades of the fashion palette spring-summer 2018.

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Trendy colors of spring-summer 2018

Yellow meadowlark
Bold and vivid shade of yellow, which is ideal for girls of "warm" color type - brown-haired and red-haired. It will look good both on blondes and on brunettes; however to girls with light skin nevertheless it would not hurt to sunbathe a little that the complexion seemed more fresh against this shade.
If you want to create a vivid look, make a combo with Ultraviolet or Spring Crocus. For more gentle combination, take any of the neutral shades as the basis.
Lime Punch
Even more audacious Lime Punch brings a bright citrus note in the spring-summer palette 2018. Ideal with all the purple hues, refreshing with the neutral palette.
Green Arcadia
Without this shade, the spring-summer 2018 color palette wouldn't be so fresh. Arcadia is a pure, cool, vibrant green hue with a droplet of blue. It looks perfect in any combination and will be suitable absolutely for anybody. Only if you want to combine it with tomato-red, do not overdo with the latter. Add it with small spots.
Little boy blue
A pure shade of the blue spring sky gives pacifying and promises a sunny day. Now it can be found not only in the small boys closets, but in ours also. Recommended for both blondes and brunettes, but more blondes like it more, because it brings a glow effect to the light skin.
Chocolate-cognac brown
A rich chocolate-cognac brown shade will look great in combination with fresh shades of Lime Punch, Spring Crocus, Arcadia. However, girls of "cold" color type should wear it very carefully - it can be heavy for them, and they can fade against this background. Do not dress completely in this color, it's better to leave it in patterns or in shoes.
Red-brown Chili oil
Another "autumn" color in the spring-summer palette 2018. A deep red-brown shade adds a spicy note to the bright and fresh colors of summer. Harmoniously combining with light shades of blue, green and purple.
Red Cherry tomato
Impulsive Cherry Tomato is a riotous orangey red color that radiates heat and energy. This color always attracts attention, it is bold and uncompromising. It fits girls of any color type, and there is only one rule - it is not recommended for shy girls.

Neutral colors of spring-summer 2018
For many women, neutral colors are the basis upon which they start building their own personal style. The basic classic shades play an important role in any wardrobe, but they also vary from season to season, although not so clearly.
Sailor blue
Deep, restrained, and at the same time a magical and attractive dark blue shade.
Gray Harbor mist
Elegant silvery-gray shade "for all time".
Warm sand - trendy color of spring-summer 2018Warm Sand
Soothing neutral warm shade.
Coconut milk
A slightly muted off-white shade, that make vivid colors to look even more advantageous.

The color palette of the spring-summer season 2018 is represented by 12 fashion shades instead of the usual 10, and this gives us rich soil for creativity. We can complete our wardrobe with vivid color items without fear that they will immediately go out of fashion, or that they will be dusted in the closet until next summer.