Hello !
I am sorry, I've been so busy these few days, I didn't found the time to write.... Maybe I won't be able to write neither the days wich are coming... I apologize..
But I don't give up the challenge ! I wished I can really write everyday, but it's impossible for the moment. I really am sorry...
Well, the day 4 is about my 16 years old self...

I found it here, by I @TypicalGirl48

Day 4 : List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could

I'll be turning 20 next month, so, my 16 years old self is past... I don't have an idea of what I would say, but I'll try..

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1. Don't give up on studies !

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I know sometimes it could be really hard, but keep doing it. You're great at it and you'll be proud.

2. You'll get over this, I promise.

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Time is slow, but it will heal. Cry as much as you want now, then forget it. Don't torture yourself with this event. That wouldn't happened I know. But it does and you'll be fine, fine and strong.

3. Always be yourself

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You are a beautiful person. You do have a personnality, you're nice and sweet and fun and everything more... Don't change for anyone or anything

4. Stop worrying and overthinking this much

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You can predict the future. Stop worrying about it, you can't change a thing that doesn't happen yet. Stress less and live !

5. Don't hurt yourself

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You woth it. You don't need that to be happy. It's just a lie. Please stop before it get worst.

6. You're not on your own

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You don't have t handle everything alone. You have your family and your friends. They love you.

7. You'll find true love, just be patient

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You might think you don't want any guy around you now. But soon enough you'll find someone who will light your day. Just keep looking.

8. Do what you want, regardless of other people's opinions

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People will talk whatever you do. Just do what make you happy, not them.

9. Believe in yourself

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You can do this. I swear. You're a lot stronger than you think.

10. Never stop dreaming

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Dream big. And then realize your dream !

Thanks for reading !

English is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes