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My boyfriend surprised me and came home on my birthday. It felt so good to see him. A lot has been happening around here and it's nice to have my favorite person home and safe. I laid on him and kissed his chest. "Good morning," he said and kissed my head.

Luna sent Milo and I a thought ~ INCOMING ~
And there they were. Riley was holding a cute cupcake. Luna was holding Scout and another cupcake. They were standing at the foot of the bed singing me happy birthday. I couldn't help but smile. They've been through a lot recently and I understood why I haven't seen them in a while. "Sorry we're late," Riley said. Luna used her fingertips as a lighter and lit the candle. "Make a good wish, babe," Milo said. I did, and blew out the candle. "Thank you so much. This cupcake is so cute I don't want to eat it," I laughed. "Riley made it," Luna said. "And I insist you eat it. I need your critique," Riley chimed in. Luna handed her cupcake to Milo. "We didn't forget about you. Welcome home, second dad," Luna said. "Awww thank you," Milo said. He ate his in two bites. "I'm going to need a whole box of those, Riley." I bet that in two days we'll have two cakes because that's how Riley is.

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Luna laid next to me. Riley laid between Milo and I. Scout found her way in the crook of Milo's neck. And we talked and caught up on the events of our lives.