Name: Luana

Luana means "the glittering"; "Glorious combatant full of grace", "famous and graceful warrior"; "Calm", "relaxed", "rested".


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long black hair, dark brown eyes, tall, skinny, tattoos and nose piercing


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should i wear all black or all black?


sex and the city, quotes, and funny image book, girl, and aesthetic image girl, beach, and sea image sarcastic, sarcasm, and honey image
loner, sarcastic, stubborn, kind, adventurous, a dreamer

Things Luana likes

adorable, animals, and beautiful image food, sushi, and aesthetic image polaroid, camera, and vintage image girl image Image removed Temporarily removed
love cats and japanese food, enjoy reading, writing and taking photos, sleepy and loves food + netflix

Where Luana lives

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in love with the city that never sleeps

Quotes Luana lives by

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