— 01 : STARRY NIGHT ; mamamoo

kpop, music video, and starry night image starry night, mamamoo, and gif image kpop and mamamoo image solar and mamamoo image
this song saved 2018 istg

— 02 : BAD BOY ; red velvet

gif, red velvet, and wendy image
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bad boy, gif, and red velvet image
everything about this comeback is perfect, from song to concept and ofc, the gals

— 03 : GO ; nct dream

Image by -:♡:- Image removed Image removed Image removed
they went hard af

— 04 : WHAT IS LOVE ; twice

twice, tzuyu, and mina image
im hella gay and they're hella cute

— 05 : LO SIENTO ; super junior feat. leslie grace

asian, choreography, and donghae image
asian, choreography, and donghae image
this comeback is bomb and leslie slayed me

— 06 : CRAZY SEXY COOL ; astro

gif, mj, and astro image
boy, brown, and cool image
so easy to love this song

— 07 : WHITE T SHIRT ; jonghyun

asian, gif, and Jonghyun image
this song is kinda old but legendary still. Jonghyun's voice is so so so good

— 08 : GOGO ; bts

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gif, ❤, and ًًًًًًًًًًًًً image
i dont listen to bts at all but this is a bop

— 09 : BACK TO YOU ; taemin

gif, korea, and korean image
SHINee, Taemin, and kpop image Temporarily removed
the whole move album is a masterpiece so I 11/10 recommend

— 10 : BABY DON'T STOP ; nct u

ten, nct, and chittaphon image nct, taeyong, and nct u image
gif, kpop, and ten image
nct came back stronger than ever this year istg

— 11 : I PROMISE U ; wanna one

asian, boys, and choreography image
asian, boys, and choreography image
i like this song more than their title track tbh

— 12 : SHE'S GONE ; jung ilhoon

asian, asian boy, and boy image
ilhoon is a king and this song is a bop that didn't get the recognition it deserved

— 13 : BBOOM BBOOM ; momoland

gif, kpop, and momoland image
i heard this song after all the hype faded but i still hype it up lmao

— 14 : BLOOMING DAYS ; exo cbx

asian, asian boy, and boy image
baekhyun, exo, and gif image
Chen, exo, and gif image
cbx is the sub-unit of the century and this song is the best song ever also they look so smol in the stage outfits im emo

— 15 : SECRET GARDEN ; oh my girl

kim jiho, 김지호, and omg jiho image kpop, binnie, and secret garden image hyojung, choi hyojung, and oh my girl album image kpop, seunghee, and oh my girl image
this song and its meaning are just so beautiful

— 16 : SHININ' ; jonghyun

Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed
this song is a bop and jonghyun is a legend and any statements that say otherwise are invalid and won't be taken under consideration

— 17 : PRISM ; shinee

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed
the 1 of 1 album came out in 2016 and i'm still obsessed with it so yeah

— 18 : CALL YOUR NAME ; jbj

asian, boys, and gif image
jbj, sanggyun, and kenta image
gif image
i love jbj and i'm salty that they have to disband so soon but nevertheless, this song is such a good last song

— 19 : HOT POTATO ; nflying

n.flying, chahun, and nfia image kwangjin, n flying, and nflying image n.flying, seunghyub, and leader image n.flying and nfia image
this band doesnt deserve to be slept on but i guess yall dont appreciate talent smh

— 20 : TOMBOY ; hyukoh

boys, korean, and yg image hyukoh image oh hyuk and hyukoh image ohhyuk and hyukoh band image
wow wow wow i love hyukoh's music, 10/10 would recommend