Weheartit is an import website to me and I think for many of you.

I started a few years ago with Weheartit while I was searching for nice quotes. I found this website with beautiful quotes and most importantly: so many!

So I made an account and started my journey here. First I just looked for hours at all the pictures that came by and felt connected to people who shared their pretty pictures that made me smile or
in which I recognized myself. I started harting everything I liked and build up my own page in that way.

When I became older and looked back at all those images that i liked, I noticed that they were a reflection of my life. All the sad quotes at the time, the dark style of the pictures and the broken love that showed off, they showed my live at that time.

And then I realized that if people really want to know me, they didn't have to check my Facebook. And I think that is something that most or even all the Wehearters have in common: your wall is who you are, what you like, what you feel.

And that is why I love Weheartit.