Hi guys! After going around WHI I stumbled across this 30 days writing challenge that I really liked and I decided to give it a shot.
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Day 1: Explain the meaning of your name

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My name is Bia. In Portugal is the usual nickname for all the girls named Beatriz (Beatrice in English), being one of the reasons people usually get confused when I tell them my name. They always ask if my name is Beatriz and I always have to correct them and explain "It's just Bia, you know, B-I-A". It definitely bothers me but I do like my name, even if others insist they know my name better then I know it myself.
After some research, I learned that it has different meanings in different languages. Apparently, it has Greek, Italian and Swahili origins, meaning Force in Greek, White, fair in Italian and Home, household in Swahili.
I really liked all of the meanings, they all seem very positive and nice. I'm really happy that this is my name because it's so unique and meaningful.

That's all for my name but be sure to check the creator of the challenge!

that's all for now... thanks for reading

Love, your Homey White Force