If I were a colour

black, indie, and white image Image removed rain, grunge, and tumblr image black, poetic, and sad image
I would be black

If I were a body part

hair, friends, and braid image Temporarily removed hair, girl, and blue image hair, girl, and braid image
I have a big thing for hair- especially for the braids.

If I were a season

autumn, fall, and winter image grunge, dark, and rain image Image removed autumn, fall, and forest image
I was born in autumn- and it´s also the most beautiful season.

If I were an animal

wolf, snow, and animal image wolf, animal, and snow image wolf, animal, and red image Image by Trusting No More
My beautiful spirit animal

If I were a piece of clothing

fashion, style, and clothes image fashion, outfit, and girl image Image removed Image removed
Leather jacket. I wear it all the time.

If I were an element

fire and night image autumn, fire, and fall image Temporarily removed stars, camping, and night image

If I were a tree

landscape, mountains, and nature image Image removed forest, tree, and nature image Image removed
Pine. I have some also included in my tattoo.

If I were a time of the day

flowers, nature, and lavander image sky, pink, and beach image beautiful, lake, and nature image sky, sunset, and window image
I love sunrises, early mornings with a little mist when everyone is still sleeping

If I were a book character

Mature image tog, throne of glass, and sarah j maas image Darkness, fantasy, and girl image throne of glass and manon blackbeak image
Manon Blackbeak from Throne of Glass. Another option is Cirilla from The Witcher

If I were a mythical creature

blonde, beautiful, and rhaegar targaryen image girl, portrait, and woman image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
I would be an elf

If I were a country

prague, light, and city image europe, czech, and nature image beautiful, photo, and photography image Temporarily removed
The Czech Republic. The country I was born in. Also one of the most beautiful places.