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Green Tea is an antioxidant that delays the signs of premature aging, is purifying, so it eliminates all the liquids that accumulate in the body, is digestive, fights fat and helps to lose weight.
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Black Tea contains a good amount of antioxidants, is satiating, is good for the stomach and is low in calories.
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Mint Tea has digestive and toning properties to be used even in case of toothache or gingival inflammation.
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Lemon and Ginger Tea: The lemon juice with ginger, allows to purify the body helping to eliminate waste and toxins, so the ginger and lemon tea has beneficial effects on the appearance: it helps eliminate the annoying orange peel (cellulite) . Stimulates diuresis and improves metabolism. Thanks to its properties, lemon and ginger tea is useful as an adjunct to a low-calorie diet. Helps to counteract the accumulation of fats and protect the digestive system.

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