I even dont know where to start.. This article may seem irregular but i swear i'll be telling how TRUE LOVE feels like.

My dear;

i love you more than anything ive ever loved, i guess this time, i really fell too hard.
i dont want to listen to any songs which wont make me think of you.
every night, i write down what i lived with you all day with all the deepest details so when i miss you, ill relive the memories as fresh as they used to be moments.

i think your face is prettier than ever, you have dreamy looking, dark eyes which i could get lost in for hours.. and your childish-cut dark hair, it couldnt be more perfect.

i dont want you to get sad, but if you ever do, i want to be the one who kisses you on the tears.
i dont want you to get sick, but if you ever do, i want to be the one who stays up all night, your bedside.
you'd probably think im crazy if you knew how beautiful i love you.
i know and i understand that you are not as mature as me, and this love needs maturity to be understood. you are 16 and everyone knows how a 16 years old guy cant handle this much.

i've never felt this pain, happiness and pleasure at the same time. earth is now different to me, the water i drink, the music i listen to, the stars i look up to...

and when i ask myself why you?
it is the way you laugh, the way you get confused, the way you judge, the way you talk a lot, the way you love maths, the way you play soccer, the way you take a deep breathe, the way you think you know so much, the way you made me feel...
you know you are the only existing human in the whole universe, who i want to be with FOREVER. i want to wake up with you, fall asleep with you, i want to make you the happieest person in this world..

my heart cant take the idea of you falling for another girl who will never ever love you as deep as i do. well you probably dont love me but, it is better than you loving someone else.

dans la vie, c'est toi pour moi, moi pour toi...
its the only sentence which can explain that im not afraid of letting you move out of this country this summer. ive found my true love, and i can find you whenever i want, it is not that hard.

i hope you guys will love something or someone one day, and for the ones who do, true love exists. dont let it fade! love!