thank you for taking the time out to read this! it means a lot, believe it or not. i've been trying to keep a diary ever since i was a little kid, i even tried bullet journals, but i guess this is what best suited me. hope you enjoy and can take away from it.
xoxo, S

i'm at a crossroads of sorts in my life right now, and every year i decide to change myself but i never really do it. so i decided, in these next three months, i'm going to finally do it. these entries will be about things i want to do, and how to do them.

-stay away from my phone
i'm always getting sucked into superficial drama on my phone through texts and other social media, so i decided to give it a break and switch to a flip phone instead, just to keep away from the bullshit.

gossip girl and Serena Van Der Woodsen image
serena van der woodsen, my favourite character from my favourite show used a flip phone a lot, and since i love everything about her, i decided to get one too.

-read more
i've always loved to read, but ever since i joined boarding school, i lost the habit. i want to read more, to grow as a person, and know about the classics and history. i'll do another article with the books i want to/have read.

book, books, and classic image book, odyssey, and aesthetic image
i think reading will make me a more polished individual

-watch movies
this doesn't just mean one particular type or genre. i love all sorts of movies, so this article will include loads of seth rogen alongside audrey hepburn, as well as modern day classics and movies with strong messages.

10 things i hate about you, Julia Stiles, and couple image actress, aesthetic, and breakfast image

-learn foreign languages
i've started to learn french, and i'm going to pick up spanish pretty soon. since i love to travel, this will certainly help me in the future. maybe i'll even find an exotic boyfriend, who knows? lol

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that's it for now, thank you for reading!