My heart is truly bleeding, seing how society is toxic for all the women outhere. This is why I wanted my very first article to be special.

You might be at a point where you start asking yourself why am I lookin that way? Why don't I have long hair, perfect teeth? How can I have a skinny body? Long legs? Clear skin?
And maybe, you're actually sayin' I'm gonna do workout, I'm gonna eat healthy, and I'm gonna have injections, I'm gonna have a nose job.
Maybe, you're sayin' to yourself that you're not enough, that you need to look beautifuler. Stop, THAT ITS NOT TRUE. you're beautiful, you're smart, you're enough. And, yes of course, you're different, but that's why you're fantastic.
Don't let anyone, sayin that you're not good enough, that you could look better. God has created you as magnificent creature, and that's what you are.

My heart is with every women nowadaws on this planet who feels like she's not enought. Society wants to change us, who's gonna tell the world that we're not dolls? We all are human.
Please, dont suffer because you don't look the way you would love to. And please, if it's about people, know that if they don't love you because you look that way, know that God love you no matter what.

Let's try being confident, let's try loving ourselves, let's try accepting our bodies.

Until next time, love u all angels. xx

Oh and be indulgent with my english guys, I'm french It's possible that I made mistakes.