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I should've known. I've been feeling like something bad is going to happen and it wouldn't go away. It was still lingering after I found out Cadence was only with me due to a bet. She boasted her $100 reward for slithering her way into my life and faking feelings for me. I felt used. I turned that money into fire. This happened after Mason's death was announced. And now Ivy's dead too. She was mutilated in wolf form. Whoever did this wanted me to find her. I felt numb. I tried to bring her back to life but I didn't learn how to do that yet. I kept trying and failing. It broke my heart more each time. I turned her remains into a flower. I'll miss you, Ivy.

I caused a storm. Whenever my mood turns dark, a storm breaks out. And there's nothing I can do to stop it. The last time this happened was worse. I caused a tornado. I was exhausted. I laid down on the ground and wrapped my wings around myself. I couldn't help but cry with the sky.