Hi, guys. Today I will share with you my favorite albums, where all songs is amazing and I love. I am eclectic so you will find different genres of music, so I hope you all like it.

01- Sounds Good Feels Good by 5 Seconds of Summer.

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This album is kind of old, but It's my favorite from all. I'm not saying this because I'm 5sosfam, but this album speaks to me, it's a totally poetry. Songs like Broken Home, Invisible, jet black heart touched me in a way that I can't explain. Songs like outer space, airplane and San Francisco make me wanna go out in an adventure. Songs like Vapor, waste the night make me wanna fall in love.

02- Future Hearts by All Time Low.

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DAMN, I love this album. It makes me wanna live, just live. Get out of the town in a car, feeling the wind in my face, the excitement in my heart. Makes me wanna travel all day and party all night.

03- Road Between by Lucy Hale.

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Yeah, a country album. I love to listen to this album in my cozy days, when I use my pijamas and all I wanna do is watch netflix and eat ice cream. It's a really romantic albums and I feel really comfortable. PS: Works for a broken heart too.

04- + by Ed Sheeran.

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Ed Sheeran is the singer that I always hear when I'm sad and it makes me feel really better, because I feel like I'm in a movie and his songs is the playlist of my life. When it's raining I like to hear that and create histories. I'm kind crazy, I know.

05- Nevermind by Nirvana.

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This is the album that I listen to when I'm super angry and I know that don't worth it to be this angry. This album help me to calm down and relax and to forget the reason that I'm in that way, because when I listen to Nirvana is just me and Kurt Cobain, nothing more.

06- Back to Black by Amy Winehouse.

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When I want a night out and forget about everything, who I am, where I live... It's just me and the dark of the night, "Back to Black" is the right album.

07- AM by Arctic Monkeys.

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I love to hear this album when I'm doing my hobbies (when I'm writing, reading, dancing, exercising, drawing...), I get really inspired and confident in what I'm doing and the songs has good vibe at night, when I feel more creative.

08- Wiped out! by The Neighbourhood.

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When do you listen to any song do you think like "damn, I would love to listen to this song in the night club"? Well, I do and this album is perfect to be all night on the dance floor. Just feeling the vibe, with a bottle of Vodka in the left hand and holding your best friend (or lover) hand with the right one, just swinging your hips in the rhythm of the music.

09- Mind of Mine by Zayn Malik.

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I never was fan of 1D, I just like some songs and when I heard about Zayn making a solo album I thought that would never work it, but I was obviously wRoNg. This album is super sexy in beat and lyric way, TiO is the perfect exemple of it. This album is perfect for a night with your lover.

10- Harry Styles by Harry Styles.

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This album always reminds me of good moments in life, I don't know why. It has this aesthetic/90's style, maybe only me thinks in that way, but I love it. Makes me wanna look at life through the lenses of a Polaroid camera or just go to outer space.

I hope you like it. See you in the next article.