Hello everyone

I wanted to write an article for some time now so I finally decided to do it.

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Sometimes I feel lost in this world, like I don't belong here.
Feeling like I'm not 'normal' enough to fit in, like I'm to strange to be accepted. I'll only see the negative side of things, Like everything is wrong. It's kinda sad, I know.

But you can't control your own mind, you can't decide what you want to think.
But you can influence it, you can try to appreciate the little things; to believe what your (good) friends say, to believe in yourself and your own beauty.

This is difficult, but you'll make progress in time.
Small steps, everyday.

An important thing to know is:
Never compare your progress to anyone elses.

Progress comes with time, but not everyone reaches the same progress in the same amount of time. Some need more time.

Creating a more positive mind is all about making little changes.

Try to give yourself a smile when you look in the mirror and smile when you walk past someone on the street. Sometimes this can really make someones day, smiling makes everyone happy.

You might not feel it immeadiately but if you try to find one positive thing about the day, everyday, you will feel happier.
Because you'll focus more on the good things.
This one positive thing can just be the fact that you survived, if this is a victory for you, write it down. It can be the sun that shined or you might have went out with friends. It doesn't really matter what it is, you just need to search for one thing that made you smile that day.

The journey to a happier soul isn't easy, I know.
I, myself, often struggle with life, but it's all about trying again.
Getting back up and never giving up.

Never give up on yourself xx