Have you ever planned a perfect work week only to later on realize that it's not so easy?

That was me today. In fact, I only became a fully functional human being after a (delicious) cup of cappuccino!

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In that moment of caffeine induced clarity I realized that what I've got planned can still get done in the time allocated, it just felt less fabulous than anticipated.

Work is still work
Even for an ambitious person, who loves getting things done and being on their best form, work requires a lot of effort! Maybe some days will be less graceful than others, and that's okay.

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Be flexible

"Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods"

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Motivation is a feeling and feelings change all the time

So you're feeling like what you need to do is such a drag? It probably is! I mean considering that you could be chilling at the beach somewhere, or reading a great book, or doing whatever you do to happily waste time... But that is not the point! What I'm trying to say is; you set some goals and made a plan of action. Those goals are still something you want to achieve despite what you might feel at the moment. So sit down, and make yourself proud. You can do it!

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Stay winning!