Hello, hello, hello and welcome to this, new article. Today I'm writing to give you advice about fashion. They're just some simple tips to create a look, which is casual and stylish at the same time. Every girl struggles to find clothes, which make her look beautiful and be in fashion. Therefore, I will try to help you! Let's start....

1. Basic style
The only thing you have to do is just wear your pair of jeans and then put yoour t-shirt inside of your pants. It's an easy way to highlight your look.

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2. Denim on denim
Since we all have two to three or even more pair of jeans, don't hesitate to combine them with a denim jacket on the top of your look. Believe me, it's super stylish and it looks very nice!

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3. Leather solution
Leather jackets are so sexy and attractive, when women wear them. They transform your whole look. They increase your confidence and the way that the others see you. Plus, you can wear them in the morning until the night comes!

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4. Coveralls
Whether they're denim, fabric.... They're all great! I'm sure you have one coverall in your closet. If you choose a shirt that mathces your coverall, then you'll look ecen more stylish. You can combine them with a pair of casual, everyday sneakers, if it's a denim coverall. If it is a formal, night-out coverall, then choose your high-heels.

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5. Skirts
Oh yeahhh..... I love skirts and how we can wear them. I believe that it's some feminim, because boys can't wear them. So, if you don't have one, you should go and buy. It costs almost nothing and it's very casual and chic. There are a lot of types of skirts. Buy the one that you like and flatters you. You can wear them with sneakers, heels or even boots.

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6. Sunglasses
We all have one of them. Sometimes we forget to wear them, but sometimes we remember them, but we can't wear them. What is it? SUNGLASSES!! Sunglasses can lift of our outfit. They are so important and so chic. Do't hesitate to wear them if they're old enough and old-fashioned. I'm sure that they offer you a taste of vintage styling.

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7. Ponytails
Yes! You read right! Ponytails are so special and unique. They make women very attractive and beautiful. When a woman has her hair in a ponytail , you can her whole face and her characteristics. It flatters every sinlg woman and make her face shine!

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Extra tips

a. When you wear accessories, remember to dress simply. It's a rule, that you must follow.
b. 80's, 90's, 70's...... There are some classic, vintage and chic outfits that are always in fashion. Your mum definatelly has one of them. Go, check her closet and wear it. Make sure she said yes.....
c. When you have the opportunity, SHOW your legs! Just check if these clothes that you chose to wear, flatter you.
d. Don't wear high-heels that make you unable to walk. You will look clumsy and ungrateful.
e. Spend money on classic blazers, bomber and biker jackets. You won't regret it!

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That's it for today! Hope you liked it! I tried my best to give this advice and I hope that they'll help you. If you want more ideas just click on my account and find everything on my fashion collection. Also, don't forget to check my account and my other articles. Until next time........SEE YAAAAAAA......

Rock bottom,