Hi there lovelies!

Today that it's exceptionally hot where I live, I'll write an article about a tag I'm very excited about!
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based on this article.

I find it's such a wonderful idea to create a soundbook about sounds that make us feel about summer!

When I read these articles, I had my head full of these sounds and I thought I was several kilometers away, in summer and nature. It's amazing!

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by these sounds.
  • Birds in the morning
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And the woodpeckers in forests!
  • The commentators of the Tour de France on TV
peter sagan image
It's the only sport I watch because they ride in such beautiful landscapes and the commentators sometimes tell some anecdotes about these places!
  • Sea waves
beach, gif, and mountain image
Probably one of my favourite sounds!
  • Seagulls
birds, gif, and seagull image
When you hear them, you know there is water nearby.
  • River and waterfall
beauty, forest, and gif image
I love swimming in these waters!
  • Water dive
dive, friendship, and gif image
  • Summer cicadas
field, gif, and scenery image
This sound makes me think of holiday in my French family so much!
  • Hot wind in the trees
birds, gif, and tree image
It's heaven when this breeze is warm
  • Thunder after very hot days
clouds, gif, and sky image
One of my favourite sounds too! And the lightings are so gorgeous!
  • Car playlists to listen in the car during the journey
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I'm always making a playlist for the journey with songs that I really love and some funny ones!

Voilà for my sounds!
I enjoyed doing this so much and it made me want to be in summer even more than before!

I'm tagging all of you with my big heart!

Radiating Love!