Your true love may not be the “right person” for you

The person you are madly in love with may not be your best life partner. Finding the “right person” for you requires a certain degree of reason, yet love is pure passion.

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Timing is everything

Everyone does things at a different pace. Everyone is at a different place in their lives. Give people time. Allow things to work itself out according to its natural timing.

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I must love in a way that allows the other person freedom

Do not use love as a tool to control the other person. The only way to preserve love, is to allow it freedom.

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In love, I should never lose myself

Face your real feelings, do not deny your true self. Do your own thing, concentrate on your own life and projects.

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Closeness of the heart is stronger than closeness of bodies.

Distance will never cut off a true connection between two hearts. If it does, the relationship is probably more physical, more shallow, than spiritual.

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Separation is not always tragic

Separation is not a tragic end. Two people not right for each other are better off separate. Happiness can also be found in letting go and moving on.

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To see his future, take a look at his past

Words are empty, resolutions are momentary. Don’t expect drastic changes or improvements. Who he will be in the future depends only on his current and past habits.

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True love is powerful

True love is still magical, it can conquer many things. But it takes time.

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XX Love, 林子 XX