The Coachella festival is THE festival. Besides being the most amazing festival, it is also the best place to show off one’s best boho-chic outfits. Going to Coachella means you can let your imagination run wild, an do the most with glitter, extravagant make up looks and outfits. What I most love about Coachella is how free everybody seems to be. It’s like people let themselves be who they want to be and show their creative sides without limitations. Some off the Coachella 2018 make up looks and outfits are amazing and they simply makes you want to be there too. Who doesn’t want to go to Coachella?? I mean, is it even possible to not want to go to Coachella? I don’t think so…

I had so much fun looking for the best make up an outfit looks from Coachella’18, and I hope you all enjoy looking at my favorites. Let me know who wore your fave’ Coachella outfit or make up look.

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