♥ One Last Time - Ariana Grande

"Can't you forgive me?
At least just temporarily
I know that this is my fault
I should've been careful."

♥ Why Try - Ariana Grande

"Even when you're yelling at me
I still think you're beautiful
Through it all you could still make
my heart skip, heart skip."

♥ idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish

"If 'I love you' was a promise
Would you break it,
If you're honest?"

♥ I'll be good - Jaymes Young

"Grace is just weakness
Or so I've been told
I've been cold, I've been merciless."

♥ Liability - Lorde

"They say, 'You're a little much for me
You're a liability
You're a little much for me'
So they pull back, make other plans
I understand, I'm a liability."

♥ Run and Hide - Sabrina Carpenter

"I don't want to buy what they're selling these days
Saying feeling and falling is all a mistake, no, no
And why does everybody look at young hearts feeling love
Like it's just a matter of time before they break, no, no"

♥ Consequences - Camila Cabello

"Dirty tissues, trust issues
Glasses on the sink, they didn't fix you
Lonely pillows in a stranger's bed
Little voices in my head."

♥ Something's Gotta Give - Camila Cabello

"Something's gotta give, something's gotta break
But all I do is give, and all you do is take
Something's gotta change, but I know that it won't
No reason to stay is a good reason to go."

♥ Messy - Fifth Harmony

"I can be hard to handle
Dance around the house with nothin' but the radio on
I can be such a scandal, runnin' at the mouth
Then cyring on the bedroom floor."

♥ Queen - Jessie J

"I love my body, I love my skin
I am a goddes, I am a queen."