This is my vision of a perfect home. I enjoy living in an apartement for now, but I would love to live in a house in the future. Enjoy.

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I prefer neutral tones of cream and brown, accents in black and white. Nothing against patterns, but they should be in small accents like pillows, photo frames, coffee cups and plates etc. I love wood and stone as materials in a household.

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A beautiful stairway is a must have!

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I also like art, so there has to be something on the walls like photography or paintings in the hallway, living room and bedroom.

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There has to be a big, cozy couch and a leaning chair in my living room. Pillows are welcome and lots of them in different sizes and maybe even colors. Also, a big, fuzzy and warm blanket is a must have! If it's a house, a fireplace would be perfect. It's one of those things I always wanted.
There also has to be a big book shelf for all the books I own and for many more to come.

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I'd love to have a working space in my home, similar to these ones.

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I love small functional kitchens with subway tiles, open shelves and cute details like a chalk bord on the wall or small pots with fresh herbs.

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My bedroom is actually the room where I spend the least of my time. I would love it to have a large bed with fresh, crisp bed sheets, books on the bed cabinet and a large window.

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I love bathrooms with bathtubs and marble details.

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A winter garden is another dream of mine, but hey, a girl is allowed to dream big.

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When it comes to exterior, I would really like to have a large garden with lots of plants and flowers, a patio or a terrace. It would be my little oasis where I could come to relax, drink hot beverages and read, or welcome guests to sip cold beverages.

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Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration for yourself as well. I had so much fun writing this!

Have a lovely day