Hi my beautifuuuul lovelies!

I know that all of us have some insecurities. And it is absolutely fine to have them. But life is much more easier when you don't stick to everyone's opinions about you. But how do we stop? How do we start loving ourselves the way we are?

1. Confidence

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It's always good to have some confidence, but it's not good to be egoistic. People very often mix those two up. Being confident in your own body is so much important. This is what you get by being confident:

1. SELF LOVE: You are gonna love yourself more and that is gonna make you think that you are good enough, pretty enough, smart enough etc. You're just not gonna give a crap about them, because you'll know you're better.
2. SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS (EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE): You're gonna know who you are without them telling you, your identity; be aware of you're flaws, needs and motives.

2. Improvement

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Improving yourself is not just gonna give you confidence, but it will let you know how strong you are, it will make them shocked. Improve anything you think you are bad at: language and vocabulary, weight, body shape, intelligence, sports, school grades, self care, make up... Whatever. Even those small things. Prove them different. You are gonna feel so proud too. So start from small things and then keep going bigger and bigger. And always work on yourself. It's not just gonna prove them they're wrong, but prove you that you can and will.

3. Don't fight it

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I don't mean this the way "Don't fight against bullying", but don't jell and scream at them, or hate them. Instead thank them for letting you know that you are bad at something, and then get really freaking good at that thing. They're gonna hate you from their guts for that.

4. Hanging out

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Stop hanging out with people who just can't stand but to let you know every day how dumb/lame etc. you are. Just stop. Get them faaaar away from you and your life. Because, if you don't, you're most likely gonna end up depressed. Even if there is no good person you can actually hang out with, still. It's better to be anti-social, then hang out with people who don't like you. Even if you have tons of them, they're always gonna be fake.

5. Judging

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Stop judging yourself right now! Instead of looking in the mirror and thinking "I'm so (anything you get gossiped about)...". Do something about it and just stop. No one's stopping you from improving and no one's making you not to like yourself. They're just increasing it. So, neither stop being so judging about yourself or do something. It's really not the end of the world if you have some little flaws. Everyone does, so just stop and be happy, because you are as beautiful the way you are, not like pretty, but beautiful in general. There are so many definitions of beauty, but it's weird and sad that the most common one is that beauty is symmetry/the size and position of your nose/lips/eyes etc. Or the one that says that beauty is thinness. There is no perfect human being. You have to realize that. No one's born perfect and no one's gonna die perfect and that is absolutely fine and normal. We're not made to be perfect Barbie dolls, so stop trying to be one. That's all I'm gonna say.

So those were five things that I have for you today. And remember:

Beauty is everywhere.

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