At Ravenclaw, we like a challenge.

Like how to spend all day in the library

tea, socks, and book image

The necessities

Temporarily removed chocolate, cookie, and dessert image
books and cat image

Settling in

book, library, and reading image vintage image theme image Temporarily removed
yikes those chess pieces are loud
books, gif, and studio image
whoops someone needs rescuing from the stacks again

Coming up for air

Temporarily removed couple, tumblr, and love image

Oh no, where's the Pince...

book, library, and autumn image

Sneeking in at night

candle, gif, and windy image Temporarily removed
gif, harry potter, and hogwarts image
now where was that screaming book
book and library image book, aesthetic, and dark academia image

Someone's lost their ginger cat

cat, gif, and ginger image
harry potter, librarian, and hogwarts image
and looks like Ms Pince found it.

Happy reading everybody, wherever, whenever!

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