– Hey everyone hope you are all having a great day in this article I will be talking about the things that I like to do when I feel stressed or just just not good in general that helps me relief my stress and feel awesome, feel free to try some of those things hopefully it will make you feel great when you are not that good or just want to have some fun .

• Wash my face with cold water for
about 30 s to 1 min.

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• Do my skin care or mask .

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• Do asian like face massage, here is one that I have been doing lately you can check it out he has another massage video and also really nice skin care videos and vlogs . <3

• Workout and shower.

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• Stretch.
• Do my hair .
• Make sure my room is clean like I get rid of that one thing that was bothering me and I wanted to get rid of but didn't .

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• I meditate even if it's 3 min it will still work.

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• Put on perfume .

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• I wear my most comfy and cute underwears plus a cute comfy outfit that I like or just lay around with my favorite gym clothes .

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• I take a small nap .

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• I learn something new .

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• I watch cute animals videos (mostly cats) cause I love cats lol and there is a video of the channel I watch the most :


• I watch my favorite boy bands funny videos and biases montages like this one :

or this one , if you survive to the legendary Jin's 'hey stop it' form this video you must be a burrito or something just not human lol

• I hug my mom or just kiss her or tell her to tell me how much she loves me yep I am just big baby no shame xD.

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• I make a a healthy meal .

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• I play with my pet .

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• I remember all the things I am blessed with .

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• I write it down .

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• I watch some fitness beauty gourow healthy lifestyle videos .
• I disconnect like just turn off everything and think about nothing for a minute or tow and take some deep breaths .

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• I dance it out i put my favorite songs mostly kpop and dance to dances I learned or just pretend to lol .
• I pray to God and read Quran (yes I am muslim) it really helps me clear my mind as it has a lot of deep meaning things that make this world and it's problems feel like nothing .

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• I drink a lot of water its good saying out loud water always makes me feel good and happy like i talk to myself about the benefits of water? kind of wired but it creates a good habit :3 .

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• I brush my teeth or have a nice cooling gum the one that you feel when you breath.

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• I look up the window .

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• I would have liked to include call a friend in what I do but I don't really have friends or any number on my phone no I am not a tree but you can try calling your best friend or just a close friend .

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• I daydream about my long lost love that never exited :3 .

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• I work on something I love like Cardistry it always feels good to nicely learn a good and hard flourish sometimes baking or drawing or watch a goo serie or movie or read and write some articles in WHI .

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• I don't really put on make up but when I do it s brows like they are my soul reasons to fly and also my lashes I curl them even If I am at home I pass by the mirror and I am like omo look at that cutie :3 too cheesy okay ...anyway if you do make up you can try put a full galm on and do your hair there is no way you aren't gonna feel fresh and good <3

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• Put on my favorite sport outfit and feel my self cause it always feel good to be comfy and confident in an outfit,I know I m pointing this twice but YOGA pants girls YOGA pantss !! :3 dont judge me please lol .

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So yeah that's about it for this articles I hope you liked it and that it can help in someway, Thank you so much for reading peace out love <3 :*