There is so much different love and they are all powerful in their own way. Sometimes we can feel them at the same time, and I think it's one of the most beautiful thing in this whole world.

I think the first love we feel in our life, it's the one towards our family even before knowing them perfectly. We trust and love them with all our being, without really thinking about it. It's a natural reflex that it's hard to reject, like breathing. This love is a little bit weird for me, because I can answer to the question : ' why we love them since our birth ? '

The second love we can feel is about life, we had the chance to be born, to breath and to love each other (a lot of people forget this last point). Sometimes we don't appreciate life enough as it is, we think that everyone hates us and that we don't deserve to live. Some of us cut the tight thread as we would cut a hair, without even looking at the life that is beating around us. Don't stop the experience, close your eyes, take a deep breath, find what you love the most. There is so much things that you can love.

Some people think that we should love yourself first, but in fact we need to be loved by someone else before falling for ourselves, according to Maslow. It can be a true love, or the love from our family, or a friend. We need to be appreciated at our fair value, that's it. I have experienced it but I am not saying that it's the same for everyone!

Anyways, love you as you are. Every human is magical, beautiful and deserves happiness

lausacamina x