Do you feel like you need a holiday? Why not make your weekend a vacation by being a tourist in your own hometown? This may not be as exciting as travelling to an exotic destination you’ve never been to before, but you’ll certainly have fun.

We all have a mental list of places in and around our hometown we’ve promised ourselves to visit ‘one day’. As you’re reading this article, I challenge you to make a hometown bucket list.

The following five tips will help you to become a tourist in your own town so that your excitement for your hometown can be reawakened.

1. Revisit your favourite attraction

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You know, one of those places you just couldn’t get enough of once upon a time? It could be as simple as a park or the library, or it could even be the planetarium.

If you’re still living in the town in which you grew up, visit your favourite childhood attraction. Invite a childhood friend along and reminisce.

2. Try a new restaurant

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Instead of getting take-out or going to the same old restaurant you always go to, try someplace new. Maybe eat at an exotic Indian or Greek restaurant. Or go ahead and give one of the newest restaurants in your town a try; they’ll definitely appreciate the support.

3. Spend a night in a hotel

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There’s nothing like waking up in a hotel or guest house to make you feel like a proper tourist. Book a night in that guest house your friend or favourite local blogger recommended.

After enjoying a buffet breakfast, head out into town and start exploring.

4. Visit a museum/art gallery you haven’t been to before

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Learn about your town’s history by visiting a local museum that you’ve always avoided because it seems boring. If art’s more your thing, try out an art gallery you haven’t visited yet. Who knows, you may even walk out feeling inspired.

5. Act like a tourist

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Lastly, remember to act like a legit tourist. Take a lot of photos and videos. Ask questions – at information counters, in museums or shops, even in the streets. Buy souvenirs for yourself or friends.

Do research on exciting activities your area has to offer: follow a few local blogs, keep an eye on the newspapers for activities and events, or Facebook stalk your friends to see what they’ve gotten up to in your hometown.

Go forth…

Try new things. See new places. Make new memories. And stay curious.

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