In chapter 105, it was confirmed that all reapers were once humans who committed suicide. This changed all views on the reapers, such as Grell, Ronald, William, Undertaker, Eric, Alan, Sascha, and Ludger. But how and why did the reapers kill themselves? This post will be mostly my headcanons and theories on this subject.


Method of Suicide - Slit wrists

Why - Sexuality

Grell was likely born in England in the 1770s. Being bisexual, Grell likely faced discrimination on a daily basis if he was ever found out. Due to Grell’s canon love of the arts and theater, Grell was most likely an aspiring actor, who had his career ruined when he was found with another man. His reputation was ruined, he had lost all chances of achieving his dream, his family most likely shunned him, and he was most definitely jailed for this act, as any acts of homosexuality was a crime in 18th century Britain. While on his way to the noose, Grell probably decided to end his own life by slitting his wrists, becoming a reaper.


Method of Suicide - Jumping off of roof

Why - Overworked and Depressed

William was born in 1770s England just like Grell. William probably came from a prestigious family who expected much from him, most likely being the oldest son. Living up to these expectations of marriage and career that a British nobleman would have been required, took a toll on William, who was most likely not stable enough to handle it. William then chooses to jump off of his own house roof onto the street, beginning his life as a reaper.


Method of Suicide - Shot himself

Why - Loss of a woman he loved

Ronald is younger than Grell and William, probably being born in 1840s England. Now, the Ronald we know is quite the flirt, and probably had some of these habits as a human as well. But one day, he probably met “the one”, the one woman who he knew deep down in his heart that was the one for him. This woman dies in a tragic accident, leaving him heartbroken and alone. Ronald attempts to cope with the loss, but when he realizes he cannot, he points a pistol in his mouth, and pulls the trigger, becoming a reaper afterward.


Method of Suicide - Poisoning

Why - Curious about death

Undertaker is definitely the oldest of the reapers, he is seen as a legend, probably being born in 1000s England. Back then, death was still somewhat shrouded in mystery, people had an idea, said that there was an afterlife, and some challenged that idea. Undertaker was probably curious about this idea and death himself. He devised a way to kill himself painlessly and quickly, choosing poison, he downs the lethal poison and dies, becoming a reaper.

We don’t have enough information to write full entries on the other reaper, but if Yana releases any, expect more! These are just my personal theories and headcanons that I constructed using hints from prior info and the characters themselves. I hope you enjoyed this post ^.^