After reading a journalistic dedication based on the life of a distinguished photographer, who's aspects in life pretty much outbalance all the conflingting ones , i was rather austonished by the way he chose to experience things as much as the coloring synthesis he picked to fill in the blank sheets of life .Not only he was a human with great ambitions and passions who believed in "carpe diem", even more he evaluated things wisely and managed to go through and succed in a world so demanding, without ever losing his optimism or imagination.

See , I said to myself this is the human i aspire to become ...this is the kind of person i aspire to associate with...Although looking at my current social surrounding i have fallen far short . I know that i may be to young to expect and to closed to experience but i fairly feel alone.
Why isn't there someone with such a higher values and great passion in my life ?.

-Did we somehow diminished the quality by increasing the quantity?
- If that is not the case ,where did the good minds went to hideaway ?
audrey hepburn image

Is this a labeling that forces me to look harder or just a wake up call? And if it truly is the latter what is that unexpected ideollogy i must comprehend?
Because i refuse to accept my faith by indulging to the current leaving. Maybe that wake up call does approach to me respectively, by letting me know that in order to conclude these people in my life i firstly have to become an inspirational figure myself.

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