hey, welcome to my first article :)
it's about the different kinds of girls and their aesthetics. by no means am i trying to say these are the only acceptable kinds of girls, everyone is an invidividual <3

the modern-day princess

apple, organization, and organize image nails, pink, and Nude image flowers, pink, and rose image pink and ropa image
she loves the colour pink, flowers, strawberries and used to study ballet. however, she is often underestimated due to her 'feminine' characteristics and is extremely intelligent.

the emo

grunge, tumblr, and alternative image Temporarily removed dyed hair, grey hair, and makeup image sleep, black and white, and need image
she is always seen in a band tee, black boots and a beanie. music (think p!atd, imagine dragons, fall out boy) and her close friends sustain her; she is very loyal and witty.

the sportsgirl

girl, quotes, and jeans image friends, girls, and bff image friends, best friends, and friendship image Temporarily removed
she wants to see the world and she values her health - you will find her playing any kind of sport and killing it. she is confident and adventurous.

the sunny soul

Temporarily removed beach, surfing, and swimming image Image by ⋆⋆BRYNN⋆⋆ Image by brookie
she loves to sit in the sun with her friends. she also may be drinking iced tea at the beach before heading out for a morning surf. her personality is sweet and carefree.

the smartie

cat, cute, and aesthetic image book image stars, necklace, and constellation image Temporarily removed
everyone admires her for her spirit and motivation. more than anything, she loves her pet, knit sweaters, reading and starry nights. some think she is boring, but underneath, she is amazing, charming and very charismatic.

the artsy hipster

aesthetic, strawberry, and red image Image removed Image removed Copyrighted image
she enjoys reading magazines, editing photos or looking at memes while she sips black coffee. she has a large vocabulary and knows lots about art and flowers. she is wise, mysterious and caring.

i hope you enjoyed my first article <3
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