sensitive content/ content warning: excoriation, trypophobia, mysophobia, OCD.

a small list of things I do that seem to help clear up my skin (especially for my problem areas--upper back, shoulder blades)

1. not picking at my skin! (never never do this! it only opens up your pores to even more infection, which inflames and worsens the affected area and usually leads to a spread of acne).

2. not falling asleep in my bra (kindof embarrassing, but every single time I pass out with my bra still on, i break out before the week is up. i am convinced this is 80% of my problem).

3. showering right after a workout

4. not letting hair masks / hair dyes touch my skin! (if I do a hair mask, I rinse it out separately from showering. same with hair dye of course! I dont think all that chemical fallout is doing my skin any favors, to put it one way).

5. tea tree water! I tone my problem areas with a cotton pad and tea tree water. its full of turpenes and is naturall anti bacterial. it takes time to work or see an improvement but its slowly working magic!