day 7; list 10 songs that you'tr loving right now

with no particular order:

1. piledriver waltz//arctic monkeys

alex turner, submarine, and piledriver waltz image Temporarily removed

2. breezeblocks//alt j

things, wild, and alt-j image alt-j image

3. cape cod kwassa kwassa//vampire weekend

music, vampire weekend, and posters image Image removed

4. drive//imagine dragons

Temporarily removed Image removed

5. hannah hunt//vampire weekend

music, posters, and vampire weekend image Temporarily removed

6. horns (stelouse remix)//bryce fox

horns, Lyrics, and song image boy, guy, and horns image

7. white sky//vampire weekend

band, music, and song image Image removed

8. step//vampire weekend

Temporarily removed vampire weekend image

9. stubborn love//the lumineers

aesthetic, americana, and art image indie, the lumineers, and wesley schultz image

10. the fall//imagine dragons

Temporarily removed Image removed

ooooof! that really took time, but i'm so happy with the results, even though practically, it's all imagine dragons and vampire weekend lmao i love them
that's it for today, i'll see ya tomorrow, stay positive!