Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Guys,
Obviously you can tell by the title that l'm doing a what's in my dance bag article. Hope you like it!

Dance Shoes: Jazz, this is a necessity for every dancer.

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Body Mist: Well, l just like to keep it in here because..........??

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Hand Sanitizer: l love to keep this in my bag because l don't want to get any gross germs on my hands while at rehearsals.

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Lip balm: This really helps keep my lips feeling moisturized.

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Water Bottle: You need to stay hydrated while doing any sport so this is another necessity!

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Hand Cream: Sometimes for some reason my hands get really REALLY dry at dance it's really weird so the hand cream really helps.

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A Hoodie: Because my dance rehearsal is quite late at night, it gets pretty cold where l live.

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Phone: Well l take my phone practically everywhere soooooo.............

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That's all for today guys, from now on l'm going try and do at least one article every week so heart this if you'd like to see that. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!