Thought this would be a great way for my followers to get to know me. So I challenge everyone that see's this to do the same. :P

Looking forward to reading everyone's!


16 and birthday image quotes, young, and words image
I'm 16!

B-est features:

Temporarily removed eyes, girl, and beauty image
My long hair, and my green/blue eyes.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
Burgundy for sure.

D-eepest regret:

anxiety, depression, and loneliness image quotes, gold, and wallpaper image
Pushing people away, mentally.

E-very day starts with:

pink, iphone, and makeup image white, bed, and bedroom image
Checking my phone before chilling in bed for awhile longer.

F-avourite shows:

Image removed izombie image
The vampire diaries, even though its over, and Izombie!

G-reatest accomplishment:

happiness, people, and quotes image bible, black and white, and bro image
Finding God, and myself.


angel, fairy, and girlie image funny, tall, and me image
I'm 5"8. :p

I-n love with:

Temporarily removed Image by ʍօօռ 🌙 Christ, sin, and love image coachella, madison beer, and friends image
Music, My kitty, Jesus, and Friends.

J-ob of my dreams:

camera, nikon, and photography image aww, baby, and beautiful image
Realistically, I want to be a Pediatrician, but being a Vlogger would be amazing.

K-ids I want:

baby, girl, and outfit image Image removed baby, cute, and boy image kids and nursery image
I want 4, twin girls, one boy, and one girl.

L-ast thing I ate:

Cake Decorating, cake topper, and sweet 16 image
Birthday cake.

M-agical power I want:

mind, quotes, and words image quotes, mind, and sad image
Reading minds.

N-umber of siblings:

Temporarily removed love, quotes, and care image
One older sister.

O-ne favourite song:

Mature image Image by elp.øRel
"Call Out My Name" by The Weeknd.

P-erson I last texted:

Image removed friend, good, and guy image
Best friend.

Q-uestions I'm always asked:

girl, beauty, and hair image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧
"Are those extensions?", "Are those your real eyelashes?", "Do you wear contacts?"

R-eason to smile:

Temporarily removed aesthetic, book, and books image
Nature and books.


Temporarily removed couple, love, and goals image

T-ime I wake up:

alarm, be, and black image Temporarily removed

U-nderwear colour:

beach, black and white, and body image fashion, tommy hilfiger, and style image
Black Tommy's.

V-acation place:

Maldives and male image beautiful, Maldives, and male image
Male, Maldives.

W-orst habit:

quotes, fear, and sad image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
My insecurities.

X-rays I've had:

Image by Cherry Temporarily removed
My toe, and my ankle.

Y-our favourite drink:

Image removed starbucks, food, and strawberry image Image by Elena Aleksieva starbucks, pink, and strawberry image
Pink drink for sure! I get extra strawberries and blackberries.

Z-odiac sign:

aries, wallpaper, and background image Temporarily removed

That took forever, lol. Cant wait to see yours.