I've always hated filling my procrastination time researching articles on how to stress less. They're all the same. So, here is a realistic, no bullshit article on how you can effectively reduce your stress and build a resistance.


It sounds stupid, but stress has been shown to have benefits, it can push you to work harder (diamonds are made under pressure etc.) Embrace your stress and don't fight it because realistically your body is creating it, so use it!


At points of high stress, when you're brain won't work yet you have so much to do take a deep breath, put some earphones in and go for a 20-minute walk, relax and focus on some breathing.


Meditation is a really effective stress reliever, meditate when you wake up when you sleep and even before you're about to smash out some serious paper. It has many benefits and you WILL notice the difference. There are plenty of apps to get you on track and make the idea of meditation less daunting and more convenient.


Seriously, go have a shower. Put some music on and relax for 10 minutes.

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