Hello it been its been a long time since I've done one of these articles but in this article I'm gonna I am gonna show you how to have a great Saturday.

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Ok so first of course you wake up and you have breakfast i would have some pancakes and something else that may full you up but make sure that you also have on some Comfy Jammys to keep you warm.

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So then you may have nothing to do but just lay down and do whatever no chores no cleaning no nothing pretty much just sit back and relax and watch TV or do something.

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By then it should be lunch so i would suggest a sandwich but if your that lazy then make some cereal to just fill you up and you won't have to eat until dinner.

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So then its dinner time yes so now lets order because I mean hey come on why not we ate stuff at home all day ordering wont hurt at all okay maybe a bit. Lets order pizza.

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Last Is Dessert I vote ice cream or cake or anything sweet and and something that will fill you up.Just something sweet for crying out loud man! #Images

Last at the end of the day its time to go to sleep or just lay down and chill out.

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Thats all hope you enjoyed bye!!!!