Soo I'm a little late to the party. I really want to do this challenge, though, because it looks like a spectacular amount of fun and I love spectacular amounts of fun.

Who doesn't?

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Give it a go, if you like.

It's a challenge created by this lovely lady:


And it takes 30 days so that's fab.

The first task is to list 20 random facts about myself. So, here goes.

Fact One: I am supposed to be doing something else right now

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My assignment collection is due in a week. I should be finishing my crinolines (Google it) but here I am, on my couch, responding to this challenge.

Fact Two: I'm at studying at university

I am majoring in fashion design and I am in my final year. It's a fabulous degree - if you love art and clothes you should totally give it a look.

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This is a beautiful dress made by Zac Posen for the 2016 Met Gala - in case you were wondering, which I know you were

I am currently designing and making a collection that is inspired by deep sea fish. You can see some of my designs (amongst other random doodles, sorry) on my instagram -

Fact Three: my first heart

The first ever image that I hearted was on February 20th, 2013. Here it is:

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5 years later, Lady Rainicorn is still my favorite Adventure Time character, for sure.

The only reason I started hearting things, though, was because I didn't have enough space on my computer for a whole heap of images. I barely even knew what WHI was, to be honest! But, for whatever reason, a whole heap of people hearted the image, resulting in a whole heap of WHI notification emails, and I realised what a cool, thriving community this little, pink site was becoming.

Fact Four: ENFP

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I'm an ENFP which simply means I care a bit too much and I like to listen - even though it's difficult to shut me up sometimes!

Fact Five: Roses

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Call me cliche, but my favorite flower has to be the rose!

Fact Six: New Zealand

I am from Auckland. It used to be the capital like ages ago but it moved to Wellington because people were scared the South Island would become independent. Well, that reason among other reasons.

It's a great city, better than Wellington, for sure!

Fact Seven: Farmville

I live on a little farm in just about the middle of nowhere. I have a cat and some sheep.

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This particular sheep likes to baa on the porch at six in the morning. Because who even needs a rooster?

Fact Eight: I'm an only child

Even so, I still got hand-me-downs from my cousin when I was a kid.

Fact Nine: Danielle

That's my name. Don't wear it out!


Fact Ten: Disney

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Disney movies are my favorite.

Fact Eleven: Favorite movies

On the topic of favorite movies, my favorites are:

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Cinderella (the live action one. But the cartoon's alright too!)

coco and gif image


gif and anastasia 1997 image

And Anastasia - not Disney but omg it's a lovely story!

Fact Twelve - Lemon

I love Lemon Breeland

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Fact Thirteen

I work in retail. Because, you know, you can't not work while studying! I have just moved from my job in a homeware store to a dress shop. It's good fun.

Plus, the store is totally WHI-worthy.

Fact Fourteen: Fifties

My personal fashion style is 50s inspired. Hence why I love Lemon Breeland so much!

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Audrey Hepburn's style is also one of my favorites

Fact Fifteen: Autumn

I'm an Autumn skin tone.

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Like Natalie Portman!

Fact Sixteen: It takes me an hour and fifteen minutes to get to class in the city

It sucks

Fact Seventeen: I'm going to a 21st birthday party next week and I have no idea what to wear or what to get the birthday girl

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It's the thought that counts... right?

Fact 18: D'oh!

I have been watching The Simpsons since I was two years old.

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Whether or not that has had an effect on me, I haven't the slightest idea.

Fact 19: Tumblr

I have a Tumblr blog that focuses mainly on couture. Check it out, if you like -

art, beauty, and fashion image fashion, beauty, and Couture image dress and fashion image dress and model image dress, fashion, and white image fashion and dress image

And, finally, Fact 20:

I would one day like to have a brow like Gerald's

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Well, there you go.

20 random facts about yours truly.

If you made it to the end, well done, you gorgeous trooper, you!

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Until next time, beauties,

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