Top 5 Places I Want To Visit

1. Rome, Italy

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I want to visit all the beautiful places in italy. I love italian foods. pasta, pizza, gelato... I want to try everything. I want to sit in the piazza and have gelato, doing nothing. I want to spend all day laid back, roaming around and talk with strangers.

2. Alaska, USA

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I want to run free in the wild alaska. I want to see the northern lights. I want to stay inside the timber home, watching the snow fall outside, listening to the cracking sounds of the fireplace, and have hot chocolate. 

3. New Zealand

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I want to lay down on the grass and watch the sky embedded with stars. I want to stay in complete peace and silence. I want to watch the animals in the wilderness, I want to visit the farm, and I want to go to the beautiful beach.

4. Paris, France

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I want to be french and act french. I want to feel romantic. I want to have croissants or pain au chocolat with tea, in a french cafe, and watch people come and go. I want to listen to the beautiful french language, and I want to roam around art galleries and museums all day.

5. New York City, USA

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Although I have already visited here once, I want to visit again. I want to spend christmas in new york, and new eye's in time square. I want to stay up all night in time square, and view the beautiful city with bright lights at night. I want to visit high end shops, stay in the plaza hotel, and walk around central park.