Hi there!♥
Firts of all i have to mention that my english is not perfect, I'm still learning and i hope you can understand what i want to express. Excuse my grammar mistakes.

This is my first article on we heart it and i'm like excited!
I wanna introduce myself to get me know a little bit, well, my name is Emely, I'm 21 years old, I'm a university student, I'm an introvert person, i like to be alone but sometimes i love to spend time with friends and family, my favorite instrument is the guitar, i love fingerstyle guitar, 'cause it's just beautiful and glorious and amazing, Okay, stop, maybe in the future i will talk more about that.
Because this article is about a story that just happened, is about birds, actually, a couple of birds and their nest.
Sounds weird?

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It all started in March, I do not remember exactly what the date is, but to continue, one day a couple of birds came to my house, they wanted to make a nest in a large window with bars in front of my house, so, the birds started to build, little by little, day after day, and I was so excited to see, because I had never seen such a wonderful thing like that.

I forgot to mention that I live with my parents, well, so the worst started, I argued with my father, because he told me he didn't want the nest on the window because he thought the children could break the window by trying to reach the nest. So I tried to understand but i thought he was exaggerating. I felt very sad because I wanted to see how they build the nest, how they lay the eggs, I wanted to learn and take care of them, being honest, I did not care if children broke the window, i mean it was almost impossible...but finally my father threw the nest away. I felt helpless, I could not do anything.

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The little birds came every day, building every day even though all the work they had done, always disappeared. They kept insisting on creating their nest there. and I tried to convince my dad to let them build their nest, and finally he allowed it, or that's what I thought. The birds had two days to build. Today, the nest was almost finished, it was beautiful, I could see it through the window, It was like a Christmas wreath, it was perfect.

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At 6:30 pm my dad arrives, we discuss for something, and I don't know why, maybe because he was mad at me or maybe because he already had it planned, I don't know why but....he threw the nest in the trash. The nest was almost complete, but he did, he threw it away.
He broke my heart.
And maybe you think this is stupid or ridiculous, but to me is not, it hurt me a lot. Because all the effort the birds made did not matter and their eggs are almost going to be born and i can't do anything....It is unfair... i feel so disappointed...

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