Dedicated to @cassandra_copeland, thanks for giving me this challenge hope you like it!

And hope who ever else is reading likes it too!

Day 55.
The wind blows on my face as I look through the vast window that covers the whole building. He's right there, talking to the receptionist, looking so damn flawless as I am just another invisible to him.

He senses my stare and turns around. I immediately act like I'm looking at a bird on the sidewalk and debate whether or not I should enter the vast building. Someone is behind me, and by the looks of it, they're probably wondering the same thing.

So I don't think twice and enter. He's no longer there, I guess he finally went up to his office. What a relief. I wave at the receptionist and go directly to the elevator, and yes, I work here.

I stop on my floor and greet everyone there. I sit in my office and look at my computer, not knowing what to type, his gaze is all I can think about. His voice and his dazzling smile. I wonder what it would feel like to kiss his lips and feel his embrace.

Guess I'll keep wondering forever.

Day 179.

My legs tremble, my skin is sweating, my lips quiver and my head is loaded with questions.

He just kissed me.

I never thought that from being an intern, invisible to the world he world lay eyes on me but he did. He chose me.

I can still feel his lips all over my body, his hands wandering around my waist and a**. I've been dreaming for this day since I saw him at my college giving a speech.

Day 368.

He drives me crazy. All he does is boss me around, this isn't no 50 shades of grey for goodness sake, I'm nobodies freaking submissive b*tch. I'm sick and tired of everything he does to me, I'm done with these feelings.

I look at him as he eats right in front of me, none of us saying a word to each other, both pissed at our past fight. But, this time, our fight felt more real, more deep. As much as I swear I'm done with him, I'm not. He's addictive, and I don't know what I would do if I lost him.

I'm scared that this is the beginning to a dreadful ending.

He stands up, pays the check and leaves me. With out looking back at me. A tear creeps through, and suddenly many more decide to come.

I'm completely in love with him.

Day 589.

The waves of the ocean sound so peaceful, so full of life. The breeze hits my face giving me a refreshing welcoming feeling. It's been a while since I last saw him. I wonder if he's doing great.

Pfff, what am I asking? He's a freaking billionaire, he's more than okay.

Yet deep down I know that that's not true. My parting was hard on him, but it was harder on me. I just knew I wouldn't get anywhere with him by my side. I needed to become my own boss without his help.

I love him. I love him so freaking much. But it was for the best.

So I kick the sand around my feet as tears start to appear. His memory stuck in my head.

Day 637.

I wake up very overwhelmed, the sense of his touch all over my body. I look over my side and he's no longer there. I panic and start looking for him all over my apartment.

Suddenly, I find him in the balcony. Smoking as he stares at the beach.

"I always knew you'd live somewhere near the ocean, it was made for you." I just nod, not wanting to ruin the moment.

I saw him last night at a party, and as if we were magnets, our bodies got attracted. We can't stay away from each other.

But this can't last. This was just a moment of vulnerability. It won't happen again. We're professionals.

4 Years later (Honestly I was too lazy to know how many days those were lol)

I finish my speech amongst the crowd. Everyone clapping at my success, I felt so happy, full of bliss and euphoria. I had finally made it, I've been traveling all over the world looking for ways to make it a better place and make a start on my company, a start that opened so many doors for me.

Suddenly someone stands out in the crowd. Of course, it has to be him! I haven't seen him for two whole years. My heart still longed for him, but as soon as we locked eyes, he immediately got startled and directed himself towards the exit.

I immediately excused myself and made a run for it, but I wasn't doing it, my body wasn't listening to my brain. I just wanted to hold him, so I exasperatedly looked for him through the crowd. My eyes looking at every person.

I reached the exit and pushed the door, but... He wasn't there. My eyes started to water but I took a deep breath and decided to look around. Once I did, his car passed by me going by a rapid speed just to make sure I wouldn't follow him. My heart sunk into my chest, and defeated, I went back inside.

Putting this incident behind and focusing on myself.

4 years later and 345 days.

He was right in front of me, for the longest time I craved his touch, his lips, his warm and steady embrace. These past years I have felt incomplete, and as cliche as it sounds, its the truth. Thats how I knew that what we had was true love. So I begged him to stay knowing damn well I'm the one who left first.

I through my pride out the window and begged. As I was about to get on my knees he stopped me and said: "Darling, don't ever get on your knees for a b*stard like me, let me kneel down in front of a queen." And he got on his knees, and for once, my heart relaxed. I felt safe, as if nothing would ever happen to me. He kissed my hands, and told me the most beautiful words I have ever heard.

He took out something from his pocket, it was a picture.

A picture of me.

"I've carried it with me everyday since your parting, you've been my lucky charm ever since you came to my company and I couldn't take you out of head ever since. But from my head you went straight to my heart, and forever you will stay, because darling, you're the love of my life. Our timing wasn't right back then, but now, I want you in my life forever, only if you let me."

So he reaches towards his pocket one more time and takes out a tiny box, we can all guess what it is. My heart flutters, my lungs stop taking in air, My hands start to sweat as he opens the tiny box.

"Will you marry me?"

I immediately make him stand up, he looks worried, as if I'll say no, but how could I? I've craved him for so long.

"I want you to kiss me, will you kiss me?" I plead. He doesn't even think twice and smashes his lips on mine. My body feels complete and right after we finish, I wrap my arms around him and say:

"Yes, I will marry you. But promise me you'll never let me go."

He nods. "Never again my love."